Oriental Stars Festival
in Fukuoka 2020

Diva Darina From Ukraine

「Uniquely Designed Bellydance Course BE A DIVA」is a unique belly dance method devised by Diva Darina who is a qualified physiotherapist.

Darina has been active around the world since she was 13 years old. Belly dance is thoroughly dissected by making the most of the experience and knowledge cultivated over time!

Known as the Diva style, Darina's belly dance is very exciting and dramatic.

You can learn everything you need to dance The Diva style.


If you wanto to be better than you are now, "BE A DIVA" is a shortcut to make your dreams come true!!


How to join "BE A DIVA"

1. Please contact us.


    *Instagram and Facebook are also available.


2.Please complete the payment.

    Payment method: Paypal

    Price: $ 300


3. After that, we will inform you the zoom ID.


4. Join the WhatsApp group.

     *You can ask questions from the WhatsApp group. Choreography videos and commentary will be posted to the WhatsApp group.

       There is also homework☆



1st week “TECHNIQUE”

10/17(Sat) 19:00~21:00 *Japan Time 

 Everything about the right base:

 📌Feet positions in Diva Style

 📌Why is it so important to “open your feet” and how to do it correctly.

 📌Work and function of knees in technique.

 📌 The main muscles in body you need to know and use in Belly Dance (Diva Style)

 📌Exercises to strengthen the feet and knees.

 📌 Exercise to develop and stretch the hip joints.

 📌 All about the right half-toe position (Releve). 

 📌 How not to fall and keep balance working in half-toe position (Releve).Exercises.

 📌 Right Balance. Exercises.


 10/18(Sun) 19:00~21:00

📌Analysis and detailed explanation of all basic movements.

📌BellyDance in Diva Style: Shimmies, Hip Drop, In and Out, Figure eights, Arch, Jewel , Twist, Kiz Drops,  Horse, Steps, Omi etc

📌 The biggest and the most common mistakes in performing these movements.

📌Transfers between movements. How to lead from one movement to the other one. 

📌 Drills to practice. 



10/24(Sat) 19:00~21:00 

📌 Plastic. Exercises for the development of body plastics. 

📌 Arms positions in DIVA STYLE.

📌 The main techniques tricks and specialized movements in DIVA STYLE.

📌 How to express emotionality through the body.

📌 Isolation

📌 The role of diaphragm in isolation and technique

📌 Slow-motions in dance.  

📌 How to properly use pause in the dance.


10/25(Sun) 19:00~21:00


📌 Training and practicing all received information.



10/31(Sat) 19:00~21:00 

📌How to use and mix different styles.

📌 How to listen to the music and choose instrument, accents on which to dance.

📌Tricks for choreographers. 

📌 Darina’s secrets and advices for creating choreography

📌How to work with the space. 

📌 What is a dance pattern. 

📌 Dynamics in choreography.


11/1(Sun) 19:00~21:00 


📌Training and practicing all received information.


4th week “ PRACTICING”

11/7(Sat) 19:00~21:00



11/8(Sun) 19:00~21:00



*Depending on the number of people, the exam will be held on 7/11(sat) also.

Video Competition

Category   Fee
Solo Oriental Professional $55
  Oriental Amateur  
  Oriental Beginner  
  Drum Solo  
Duet   $45(per person)
Group   $35(per person)

How to apply

1. Please apply by email.

*You can also apply from Instagram and Facebook.


2. Please pay via PayPal.

*If you are enrolled in a "BE A DIVA" course, you can receive a discount of $10 per category.


2. Once the payment is completed, please send the video or YouTube link to osffukuoka@gmail.com.

*Application period is from 2020.12.1 to 2020.12.31

About Video

Please note the following 6 points.

・Videos should be no older than a year and a half

・Costume and makeup are required.

Facial expressions of the participants should be clearly observed in the video.

・Reflect the whole body from beginning to end.

The music should be heard clearly.

The performance should be recorded in a studio or on a stage.


About Music

・The music track should be no longer than 3 minutes

For Oriental Professional Solo and Group performances the length of the music track should be up to 4 minutes.


Luxury benefits

・1st place in Oriental Professional category will to perform in the “Oriental Stars” festival vol.6 gala show.

・1st place in any other categories will give the possibility for one free entries of the Oriental Stars Festival vol.6 Workshop.

・2nd place will give the possibility for one free entry of the Oriental Stars Festival vol.6 competition.

・3rd place will receive the Oriental Stars Festival vol.6 Gala Show ticket.

・Diploma issuance!

・Winners will be notified on this website (→reference page)


About Oriental Stars Festival vol.6

It will be held next year in April, but the details will be decided and announced in accordance with the situation with the Corona virus.

We apologize for the inconveniences, and thank you for your understanding.


You can contact us on Facebook or Instagram.