Oriental Queen Competition

★ Who is the true oriental dancer? ★ 

Your love for belly dancing can't be conveyed in a few minutes of competition!

Anastasia wants you to have a better understanding of Oriental.

Therefore, we will hold an oriental-only tournament with a sound source of up to 6 minutes.

This can only be done in a video contest! !!

Special Judge

Anastasia Biserova

She is an oriental dancer active in Egypt.

There were various difficulties for Russian Anastasia to be recognized in Egypt.


Anastasia had a lot of trouble.

How can I dance like an Egyptian?

What is mysterious arabism?
Even if you imitate the movements and techniques of Egyptian dancers, you can't be real ...

Maybe we need more passionate facial expressions and gestures? Or long black hair?


She took Katia Eshta's class and valued the competitive spirit of "faster, higher and stronger".

She worked hard on her research.

Anastasia wanted to know the origin of belly dance, understand how Egyptian women dance, and make it happen.

Then, one day, she was evaluated as "dancing like an Egyptian."


Anastasia loves belly dancing and loves Egypt.
She values the most oriental in belly dance.

This competition is held with the desire to deepen the understanding of the oriental.

If you love belly dancing, please try it!

Competition Detail





Adult Ⅰ(Age21~40)

Adult Ⅱ(Age41~)



Adult Ⅰ(Age21~40)

Adult Ⅱ(Age41~)



Adult Ⅰ(Age21~40)

Adult Ⅱ(Age41~)



If the number of people in each category is less than the specified number (5 people), the categories will be combined.




All Category 6000yen



All Category 2~6minutes



・Classical Oriental

・Modern Oriental




・Tabla solo

・Golden Era


You can choose and use up to 3 of the above mentioned genres and create one own dance performance.


Entry method

1. Please fill in the desired category and contact us by email.

2. After payment is complete, please submit your video, profile and artist photo by the deadline.

* If you win, we will introduce it on our website and SNS.


How to submit a video

Please upload the video to YouTube and email us the link.

* The video will not be shown to the audience,only judges will watch it.


Submission period




The judging period will take 2 weeks.

Results will be announced on SNS and HP on December 15th.

We are planning to send the score table and comments from Anastasia to everyone after 12/15.



You can contact us on Facebook or Instagram.