Anastasia Biserova Supervision Course
How to listen and dance like an Egyptian


Anastasia Biserova, currently active in Egypt

She will teach you the rules of live dance, how to dance, how to communicate and more.

With a live band!

And this time, Kasumi Kimura, a friend of Anastasia, will translate from the scene.

This is very special!

Stay tuned for extravagant and special lessons! 

Anastasia Biserova

She is an oriental dancer active in Egypt.

There were various difficulties for Russian Anastasia to be recognized in Egypt.


Anastasia had a lot of trouble.

How can I dance like an Egyptian?

What is mysterious arabism?
Even if you imitate the movements and techniques of Egyptian dancers, you can't be real ...

Maybe we need more passionate facial expressions and gestures? Or long black hair?


She took Katia Eshta's class and valued the competitive spirit of "faster, higher and stronger".

She worked hard on her research.

Anastasia wanted to know the origin of belly dance, understand how Egyptian women dance, and make it happen.

Then, one day, she was evaluated as "dancing like an Egyptian."


Anastasia loves belly dancing and loves Egypt.
She values the most oriental in belly dance.

This competition is held with the desire to deepen the understanding of the oriental.

If you love belly dancing, please try it!


3/5(Sat) 17:00~19:00

Learn versatile combinations using commonly used oriental rhythms and basic steps, and learn how to adapt and dance to different styles.

 Maksum、Masmoudi Soghayer、Saidi、Malfuf、Wahda Kebira、MasmudiKebir。


3/5(Sat) 19:30~21:30

Learn about the main instruments used in belly dancing: Mizumar, violin, canon and accordion. Learn how to dance to each instrument.


3/6(Sun) 17:00~19:00

There are various types of Baladi.Learn the types of baladi and their differences.Then you will learn the structure of Baladi songs and how to move them correctly from part to part.

3/6(Sun) 19:30~21:30

Choreography by the orchestra.

What are the characteristics of the orchestra's choreography and performance?

What are the preparations needed to dance in an orchestra?


・ Lessons will be held on Instagram's closed account.

 You need an Instagram account to participate, so please have it ready.

 Please let us know your account name when you apply. Apply for follow-up to the notified account.

・ The interpreter is Kasumi Kimura! 

 This time, Anastasia's friend Kasumi Kimura will be the interpreter!

 A valuable teacher who knows everything about Egypt, Japan and belly dance. I'm really looking forward to it!!

・ Instagram archive can be viewed for 2 months. You can check even if you cannot participate on time.

・ After the lesson, Anastasia will issue a diploma.


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Please let us know that you participated at the time of application.

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