Oriental Stars Festival

Katia Eshta CUP

Modern world's top oriental dance legend with extraordinary 25-years working experience in Egypt, brilliantly educated professional performer, internationally renowned “star-maker” master. Katia has great professional dance education from her childhood and became professional academic dancer in Russia in young ages. She studied oriental dance in Egypt with legendary teachers and choreographers Raqia Hassan and Ibrahim Akef and was top oriental dance superstar in all the five-star Cairo venues for more than decade. Now Katia Eshta is top demanded international superstar performer and master choreographer and travels with her own extraordinary Egyptian live band all around the world. She produced exclusive oriental music CD's with her Egyptian live band and instructional DVD's with 17 choreographers for advanced level. Katia's Cairo Mirage Oriental Dance Art Festival in Russia today is one of top international festivals and star-makers. Katia Eshta is creator and head of unique international Cairo Mirage Bellydance Union that is working on rising oriental dance education up to high professional level. Her students become most prestigious competitions winners and new Bellydance stars all over the world.

Video Competition

Video competition by Katia Eshta! Feedback this time is comments and gradebook!!

The gradebook is very useful because it can clarify tasks. And a high score leads to confidence.

We offer luxurious benefits to the winners! Please join us when you can not dance outside in the corona.

Category   Fee
Solo Oriental Professional $65
  Oriental Amateur  
  Oriental Beginner  
  Drum Solo  
Duet   $55(per person)
Group   $45(per person)

How to apply

1.Purchase the product at the bottom of HP.

2.After payment, please send the video or YouTube link to osffukuoka@gmail.com.

 Deadline until 2020.9.30

About Video

Please note the following 6 points.

・Videos should be no older than a year and a half

・Costume and makeup are required.

Facial expressions of the participants should be clearly observed in the video.

・Reflect the whole body from beginning to end.

The music should be heard clearly.

The performance should be recorded in a studio or on a stage.


About Music

・The music track should be no longer than 3 minutes

For Oriental Professional Solo and Group performances the length of the music track should be up to 4 minutes.


Luxury benefits

・1st place in Oriental Professional category will to perform in the “Oriental Stars” festival vol.5 gala show.

・1st place in any other categories will give the possibility for two free entries of the Oriental Stars Festival vol.5 competition.

・2nd place in any other categories will give the possibility for one free entry of the Oriental Stars Festival vol.5 competition.

・3rd place in any other categories will give the possibility for half of one entry of the Oriental Stars Festival vol.5 competition.

・Diploma issuance!

・Winners will be notified on this website (→reference page)


About Oriental Stars Festival vol.5

It will be held next year in April, but the details will be decided and announced in accordance with the situation with the Corona virus.

We apologize for the inconveniences, and thank you for your understanding.


You can contact us on Facebook or Instagram.