Anastasia Biserova
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How To Dance Like Egyptian

Anastasia Biserova

I started to dance bellydance in 2004. And was engaged in ARDO where they cherished a competitive spirit "faster, higher , stronger!" 💪🏻That was an interesting time, but i felt like eager for more. I wanted to learn about bellydance origins and realize how Egyptian women dance 😍


What is the secret of the mysterious arabism that is being so much talked about? 🤔 I tried to imitate moves and tricks of Egyptian dancers, though it looked like phony. Maybe i need more passionate face expressions and gestures? or their long dark hair is the answer? 🦄


I began to intensively take classes of Egyptian teachers, especially Katia Eshta's classes. When Katia had choreographed my first dance - "Ansak" Umm Kalthoum, i couldn't understand the logic of the choreography and just learned everything by rote. I won Ahlan wa Sahlan with this dance. Everyone applaused and said: "She's dancing like an Egyptian" ✨


All these years i've been trying to systemize my knowledge. Now i realize that each of you can dance like an Egyptian. The secret is to listen to music and place the right accents. The Egyptian style is a set of rules and formulas. When keeping them in mind, you can easily create dance schemes and improvise even to unknown music.


At the end of April there will be my new course - «How to listen to music and dance like an Egyptian» (to live orchestra) 💥 I put together all my 15-years experience to a precise and comprehensive system.


Honestly, the course is authentic, and i'm really proud of it 🌟 If i had it at the beginning of my way, i could achieve success much faster!

Online Lesson

Anastasia is a Russian who is active in Egypt. Foreigner Anastasia has revealed how to dance like an Egyptian!

Learn the points, knowledge and techniques you need to dance like an Egyptian!


★ The lesson method has changed! ★★


Simultaneous interpretation was difficult on Instagram, so I will change the lesson method to zoom.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


【What are the characteristics of OSF online lessons?】

・The interpreter is a belly dancer who can speak three languages.

Amira, the director of OSF, is a Russian living in Japan and is fluent in English.

・Lesson content will be recorded and delivered.

You may be worried that you want to receive it but the schedule doesn't fit, you don't have the space to dance at home, or you want to review it later. Online lessons held at OSF will be conducted at Zoom, and the content of the lessons will be recorded and made public to those who participated later. * We will send you a limited release link on YouTube.

・ Issuance of diploma

Anastasia will issue a diploma to the participants! Get to commemorate the lesson you cleared!


【Way to participate】

1. Please contact us by email.

2. The payment method is Paypal.

3.2. Join the WhatsApp app group.

* After confirming payment, we will send you the invitation URL. We will inform you of emergency information, sound source, and zoom ID from here.

* If you cannot join the group, we will contact you by email. Please let us know in advance.



・ Lessons will be done by zooming. Please prepare the app in advance.

・All lessons are recorded and saved. Please use it for a limited time review.

・ Publication and sharing of lesson videos is strictly prohibited.


✔ Full course ¥ 20,000

4000 yen discount for all 4WS!

A full course where you can learn everything Anastasia wants to convey. You may be able to hear stories unique to foreign dancers who are active in Egypt.


✔ Egyptian Safe Technique ¥ 6,000

2021.6.6 (Sun) 19: 00-21: 00

Very important Egyptian basic techniques to dance to safety.

Let's learn the Egyptian style-specific techniques to protect the hips and back. The first step to understanding Egyptian style! Once you understand the tips, you will be able to later see and understand the dancer of Egypt!


✔ Improvisation with Arabic rhythm and combination ¥ 6,000

2021.6.12 (Sat) 19: 00-21: 00

Learn the combination of improvisation and Arabic rhythms.

You will learn the difference in how to dance even with the same combination, such as classical style dancing and shaabi style dancing.


✔ Modern Cairo style Shaabi ¥ 6,000

2021.6.20 (Sun) 19:00-21:00

The latest choreography of Shaabi Song. A modern Cairo-style Shaabi dancing at a popular bar counter in Egypt.


✔ Classic Oriental Song ¥ 6,000

2021.6.26 (Sat) 19:00-21:00

A classical song that dances Taarab songs in an elegant and beautiful Egyptian style typical of Anastasia.

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